-on summer break
-working @ disneyland
-a college sophomore
-watching these tv shows
-obsessed with tina fey
-writing a pilot

f is for friends:

my crew (•◡•)/;

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savior of the wizarding world everyone

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guys i leave for hawaii tomorrow and i have not packed a single thing

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The moment when the table turns.

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I was tagged by field-pansy!!!

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alert I saw a woman at Hong Kong disneyland today with blond hair and two red haired boys and I almost had a heart attack because I thought it was Amy Poehler

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Date Night (USA, 2010)

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you know when you give a little kid something like a sticker or a piece of candy and they kinda just take it and state at you and then their parents say thank you in this really high pitched voice but they’re looking at their kid hoping their kid will also say thank you but the kid just keeps staring kind of like a deer in headlights stare and you don’t know if you should go and do something else or wait until the kid says thank you back?

this happens to me every day at work

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Disney hires screenwriters for Enchanted 2

Seven years after Disney‘s live-action princess adventure Enchanted scored Golden Globe and Oscar noms and a $340M worldwide box office, the Mouse House is moving again on a sequel. Shrek 2 and The Smurfs writers J. David Stem and David N. Weiss have been hired to write Enchanted 2, marking the scripting duo’s latest live-action family outing after penning Are We There Yet? and Daddy Day Camp for Sony.

Amy Adams starred and sang in the first pic in an eerily accurate portrayal of Giselle, the animated Disney princess who crosses over into the real world, opposite Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, Timothy Spall, Idina Menzel, Rachel Covey, and Susan Sarandon. Kevin Lima directed the musical romance, which opened at No. 1 over Thanksgiving weekend 2007.

Anne Fletcher (The Proposal, The Guilt Trip) is at the helm of the sequel, which will be produced again by Barry Josephson and Barry Sonnenfeld. An earlier draft was written by Jessie Nelson. No word yet on which cast members are expected back for more happily ever after. Weiss and Stem are repped by WME and Christine Cuddy of Kleinberg Lange Cuddy & Carlo.

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i’ve probably missed my chance to see amy p in nyc now for yes please…

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super fucken pissed that I missed the 92Y event tickets

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Harry Potter + Minimalist
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Favorite People » Audra McDonald

I was a little a girl with a potbelly and afro puffs, hyperactive and overdramatic. And I found the theater and I found my home. And I found a place to express myself and I was so grateful, even at the age of nine”
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